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Ebola Story: Outbreak Spreads Worldwide!

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Ebola Zombie

I had an epiphany. What would you do if the entire country had an Ebola outbreak in each wealthy city? Would you continue to take your kids to school and carryon like nothing happened? Let’s play out a very likely situation.

Ebola has already travelled into one of the richest countries in the world, America. Hospitals are having staff quit to save their own life and have failed to diagnose the condition from patients, for some bazaar unknown reasons.

If you got word in your area that someone travelled into the city with Ebola and is staying at the Hilton Hotel – there have been sufficient evidence that it will spread. Problem is that the government issues a statement early that morning saying “No everything is fine. We have the best health care in the world. Don’t worry about it. Carry on as normal”.

So your government says it is alright and not an issue. Will you go to the shops and continue to jog every morning near the hotel? Have you considered that this guy is likely wealthy and has probably been in contact with thousands of people while reaching his destination? Probably not because the government says it isn’t an issue.

When you find out that food has been contaminated, door handles, public taxis, old newspapers blowing in the wind. It can easily get to a point you could already have it, if you haven’t already taken some drastic measures. This is not being crazy; this is being prepared for the worst. Not waiting for the worst to happen then starting to panic.

Ebola Patients Locked Up

So when 15 children at your local school drop dead, 20 patients at the local hospital have already had it the past week. You find out that the government is only reporting information that gets leaked. Not information that has still been kept secret.

The situation comes down to simply put. What would you do? What would you do to save people’s lives. We all know they will put you under house arrest if you come in contact with it…and lord knows what else is forced onto you as treatment or if they’ll use you as a lab rat.

Already thousands of Africans are dying every day in the vilest conditions imaginable. You should be proactive and create some measures of protection for your family and your own sake, if it gets to an uncontrollable state.

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