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Fake News: Rodger Stone In Bed With Hacker ‘Guccifer 2.0’

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Rodger Stone and Trump Political analyst and former Trump campaign adviser is again the victim of various fake news attacks…meant to discredit his work.

Rodger Stone is against the media. Another witch hunt continues to link anyone Trump has contact with to the Russians.

Democratic loon Maxine Waters has been searching the deep ocean to find anything Russian related. Maxine Waters is vicious and obsessed with everything Trump and wants to be involved in getting Trump impeached.

Who is Maxine Waters? Simply a complete nut-case who enjoys spewing fake news soundbites for anyone to hear.

What is fake news?

The left are trying to link Rodger Stone to ‘Guccifer 2.0’ (a hacker who posted DNC information) because of a few Twitter comments and directly to Julian Assange (who is now friends with Pamela Anderson) and WikiLeaks.

Again…Russia is the favorite name game for the left.

Although it’s a total fabrication whenever someone shows photo evidence of people on the left meeting top advisers within Russia.

Rodger Stone is a serious threat to the establishment and is on spaghetti legs!

A lot of serious names in politics have come out and destroyed his character on many fake news programs.

As well, there are people who would be happy for Rodger Stone to be held on ANY charges. Long as he disappears.

Politics is a do or die business and everyone is looking to get to the top.

Rodger Stone is indirectly being linked to the hacking scandal with the DNC servers. This is a dangerous accusation.

Rodger Stone has mentioned that he requested to testify in a video log but his request was ignored…so that is very questionable.

Maybe the game is to discredit Rodger Stone and act like the good guys, in front of the million who switch on the news every evening.

‘Guccifer 2.0’, Russia, Rodger stone and Trump will be the biggest news story for weeks to come. Mark my words!

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