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Father Lives Life As Transgender 6 Year Old Girl

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trans man becomes little girl

Everyone who see’s life through rose coloured glasses have been embracing the transgender father aged 46 – now going by the new name ‘Stefonknee’ has decided to live life as a 6 year old girl. This is such an unsettling situation as the transgender father has abandoned his/her family to live life as a 6 year old girl.

The father turned into a 6 year old girl has got up and ditched the 7 children to his wife of 23 years. This is disturbing and sickening as the 46 year old transgender somehow believes he/she is destined to be this 6 year old girl.

I’m all for people wanting to change gender as they’ve been placed into the wrong body at birth. That is understandable but the transgender father Stefonknee seriously does not seem transgender in the slightest. Stefonknee seems like he/she is mentally ill and have an extremely severe personality disorder.

Stefonknee needs to be put under professional medical evaluation, as this situation has clear signs of a personality disorder within the human brain.

You do not just wakeup up one day as a 46 year old man and decide to suddenly avoid all responsibilities to your 7 children and your wife of 23 years old. To unexpectedly become this little girl who needs her dirty underpants changed every night and spoon fed over dinner.

Stefonknee is nuts and has an adopted family now. Transgender or not Stefonknee needs to go back into reality-mode and stop avoiding all the decisions as a grown man to 7 children and a wife.

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