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France To Ban Public Wi-Fi

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france ban wifi

It is important to national security that people in government office prevent extremist attacks from happening and counter terrorism. We get that but this one goes to a new low as France wants to BAN public Wi-Fi, as if this will stop ISIS or any other group from gathering intelligence and conspiring to wreak havoc in another city around the world.

It would seem that taking away more rights from the people in France and having local businesses like coffee shops remove public Wi-Fi is somehow a wise decision. It is an economic disaster as a lot of places receive customers due to having Wi-Fi available for the average customer in most food and coffee chains.

It has been reported that during a state of emergency France want to:

“Forbid free and shared Wi-Fi connections” including “to block or forbid communications of the Tor network.”

Tor is an open source network that is run by peer to peer, so every time you use a .Onion address, your location will be scrambled and move every few seconds from location to location on the web browser.

Don’t forget that your tax money goes to fund these government official’s salaries and the incredibly embarrassing decisions they’ve come up with would give the comedy character Mr Bean a run for his money.

The whole policy during a state of emergency to switch off public Wi-Fi in France does not make any sense. There are various other channels that most of these extremist groups are using besides a local Wi-Fi connection down the street.

France shows in a time that people should be looking for hope, the government officials have drawn up plans to make the local French people scared over an ISIS attack that should have been prevented in Paris by the local government in the first place.

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