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How To Stop Yourself Being Scammed!

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internet scams

If you’re worried about being scammed online/offline? – You must read the ABC of scams!

A. Have you ever went online and found something too good to be true but been unable to resist from checking it out? Have you ever receive an email saying you have solely been chosen to receive 1 million but you must not tell anyone?

The typical email tells you to keep everything confidential until the transaction has been completed. The email asks you to provide all your personal details including name, address and most importantly your bank account information for the one million to be transferred.

You need to stop and think for a second!

How could this person get your email without knowing you and why would they contact you out of the blue? How many people are this generous throughout everyday life? Not many and if you answer those questions correctly, you will soon discover they want to take your bank account to the cleaners…and are likely scamming you from a 3rd world country, where this type of scam usually originates.

B. Then you have the scams with a more personal feel. People with very bad English ring you out of the blue and say your computer has been infected with a virus.

They discuss how to prevent it and then get you to download a program called ‘Team Viewer’ and this allows the scammer to gain remote control of your computer. From here they will infect it with malware that is simply designed to destroy the computer and or send sensitive information back to the person who has infected your computer.

Be two steps ahead!

This personal data can be anything from online banking details, sensitive photos, key strokes. Even taking remote control of your computers webcam and microphone, stealing personal business documents and charging you thousands to unlock the files after they’ve been encrypted.

C. Downloading apps that give permissions to access everything in your smartphone. For example, you download a ‘Flashlight’ app and it requires you to give permission for accessing photos, SMS, call logs, microphone, camera and 20 other permissions.

Ask yourself why would a simple app want so many permissions? Some of these apps have been known to monitor your activity and send it back in the form of ‘user reports’ or they might just do it without you knowing. Since you give them permission, there is not a whole lot you can do about it.

Now you know about the most important scams – So be proactive in the future!

Always question why people would be so generous to offer you millions, or want permission to access to everything in your smartphone when the app is only designed to performs one function.

The horrid knowledge about scams is in your hands. If you know any other sneaky scams, let us know in the comments section!

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