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How To: The Art Of Smoking A Cigar

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Want to Know the Correct Way to Smoke a Cigar?

Smoking a cigar isn’t for everyone and if you smoke a cigar the wrong way, it could end up being your last, if you didn’t appreciate it the first time round. Cuban cigars are considered to be the finest and don’t come at a cheap price. Around 58 pound (UK) to 85 dollars (US) would get you a good quality packet of cigars

Storing cigars in clear ziploc bags is VITAL and quality cigars most people keep in a humidor as this is key to having the flavor of the cigar last, and your cigars not going off in the process. So get relaxed, take a deep breath and think about nothing but the good times. This is key to enjoying the spiritual experience.


A spiritual experience you say? Yes, the art of smoking a cigar is based around cleansing your mind in the time you’re smoking a cigar. It gets you relaxed from the troubles of the world and allows you to explore a different side of your mind.

You might even become more creative in the process and learn more about yourself than when you’re working 9 to 5 and then passed out in the bed after a long day of work.

It’s important to remember smoking a cigar is nothing like smoking a cigarette. You DON’T inhale a cigar – you blow it back out again. The chemicals inside the Cuban cigar are divine stuff and will relax your brain chemistry, allowing you to explore another side of yourself that you didn’t know existed – until now!

You light a cigar with a match or a gas lighter. This stops fragrances getting onto the cigar causing it to lose spunk. There is nothing but the flame with a box of matches. Just be safe when your lighting the cigar.


The best ways to enjoy a cigar?

Have a bottle of wine or a bottle of your favourite spirit by your side. Whiskey is the most common pairing.

So switch off from the world for 30 to 60 minutes and rediscover the new you. Enjoy time with friends or watch your children play in the park on a beautiful sunny day. The list of ways to enjoy a cigar is down to you.

Most of all the spiritual and relaxation methods associated with smoking cigars is something that needs to be tried, before being knocked. The art of smoking a cigar is a way to find the inner you

Found an interesting YouTube video on smoking cigars below. It’s a good visual for people who are still on the edge.

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