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How To Use WhatsApp Without Mobile Number?

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WhatsApp is the biggest messaging app on the planet and there are a lot of basic things people don’t know.

WhatsApp allows you to connect with other friends and people in your social network by sharing your mobile number. Perhaps you really don’t want give someone your phone number because you’re not that close…but still want to keep in contact.

Up until now many people just give out the Sim card number associated with their phone. There are various tricks to get around this.

If you order a pay-as-you-go Sim online (THEY’RE FREE). You can take out your existing Sim and replace with you pay-as-you-go Sim – for a few minutes.

1. Replace your Sim with your disposable pay-as-you-go Sim.
2. Open the WhatsApp messaging app and register the disposable pay-as-you-go Sim.
3. Remove the disposable sim and put your original sim back in.
4. Start using WhatsApp.

This is great for use with apps such as Tinder. You have your privacy protected and only those who you give your WhatsApp number to can contact you. And just to make it clear you’re not replacing your own Sim, you’re only activating the app then discarding the Sim!

Now you are back in control and take the power away from possible stalkers!WhatsApp no number

And for anyone still confused, this allows you to have 2 separate numbers. Think of WhatsApp with a username – this being your disposable pay-as-you-go number.

No more will we be frustrated by giving out your real number. You can easily give out your WhatsApp number. So no more will you be stalked by people that you blocked in WhatsApp ringing and texting you every five minutes.

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