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Is Eve From ‘Lila and Eve’ Real?

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lila and eve is eve real

Many people have been wondering is Jennifer Lopez who plays Eve from the new movie ‘Lila and Eve’ real?

Well this is going to be a total spoiler but is something that needs a clear definite answer before everyone goes insane like Lila.

At the start of ‘Lila and Eve’ when Lila is at the group meeting for mothers who’ve had their children killed you can notice that only Lila notices Eve. From here Eve is in the corner of the room while everyone else is surrounded in the group circle. This is a clear giveaway that something does not add up because it appears that Eve is not physically in the room…like it is Lila’s imagination playing tricks.

is eve real

Then later on when the detective visits Lila to ask her some questions you can notice that Eve just disappears in the kitchen – like she was never there to begin with.

This is the second time that you clearly notice the confusion…but it soon fades as the storyline progresses.

At the very end of ‘Lila and Eve’ you find out that Eve was all a figment of Lila’s imagination and that Eve is not real. Eve is what Lila used as strength to take on all the hood gangsters by herself as the local police department would not help resolve the crime.

So there you go. Eve in ‘Lila and Eve’ is not real!

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