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Kim Kardashian Eats Babies’ Placenta

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Kim Kardashian Eats Placenta

Kim Kardashian recently tweeted out a pic of a jar. This wasn’t any ordinary jar as it was in fact her babies’ placenta.

The placenta is meant to taste like human meat and is delicious with gravy and onions, according to various people who have essentially done it.

The babies’ placenta was delivered to Kim Kardashian from her own babies’ organs and has been trimmed down into a jar to look like beautiful sweets.

Although the most disturbing part is that it’s considered a power ritual and is rumoured to taste like the best food earth can offer.

A soon to be famous Nanny named Nancy Jenkinson, who worked directly as a Nanny for Kim Kardashian is writing a tell-all book exposing Kim Kardashian.

The book will include a list of dirty secrets and some interesting but unknown information about the Kardashian household.

Nancy Jenkinson: “Kim told [Khloe Kardashian] that [the placenta]was a way of asserting dominance over the baby.”

The Kardashian nanny then overheard Kanye West: “My momma’s placenta was the best tasting and most nutritious placenta in history.”

Kim Kardashian Eats Placenta

Kanye West appears to be a bizarre guy based on how much he brags about everything in life – including his mama’s placenta being the best in…and I quote “history”.

Then Nanny Nancy Jenkinson has witnessed Kanye West do some strange things in the Kardashian household when best friend forever Jay Z visits the mansion.

“The only house guest [Kanye West] likes is Jay-Z. I don’t know what that is about. [Kanye West] jumps up on Jay’s thighs and licks his hands.”

What a bizarre place to be working. You wonder why “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” has so many seasons and is still going. There seems to never be a dull moment in the Kardashian household.

Nancy Jenkinson is still in the process of writing her book but is closely finished and we find it creepy that Kim Kardashian would eat her babies’ placenta.

So what do you call Kanye West for licking the hands of Jay Z? Disturbing comes to mind!

Images Twitter/Instagram KimKardashian

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