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Lady Gaga’s Career Comes To An End?

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Lady Gaga has many titles that people reference her under. For one – A talentless hack with as much fashion sense as a porcupine would be very fitting. The album “ARTPOP” was down 75% in sales from the “Born This Way” album and both albums received tons of promotion. Gaga’s previous album “ARTPOP” was billed as the second coming of Christ, literally! Before anyone heard a single song, it was being called “A phoenix rising from the ashes”. All this massive promotion that lost Interscope 25million because Gaga loves people to think she is in fact Madonna…more like a desperate tribute act.

Lady Gaga

When she was once a star

Gaga tried to spite Katy Perry who I believe is a great accomplished singer and has the star power to be around in the next 10years. The vile wrench decided to release her first single “Applause” the same week as Perry. She titled this one “Pop emergency” but more like the death knell of her career. Unfortunately for her, “Roar” was able to destroy “Applause” in the charts and from everyone I have asked personally they believe Katy Perry had the best first single. Plus Gaga even thinks she invented green wigs or weird costumes and can be very vocal about it on Twitter. This is what turns the world off of the pop star.


Shading Katy Perry?

Do you remember when Gaga performed “Born This Way” and thanked the iconic Whitney Houston for inspiring the song? Yet the song was a copy and paste of “Express Yourself” and to this day is not acknowledged by her.

Gaga even went on national TV then lied and mentioned: “I got an email from her people and her, sending me their love and complete support on behalf of the single and if the queen says it shall be, it shall be”. Then Madonna’s rep Liz Rosnberg said she was unaware of any email, proving that Gaga was trying to stir the pot.

It is really hard to take someone serious who blames everyone else for her failures. She blamed the failure of “ARTPOP” on her former manager Akon and her record label messing her about. Akon said: “I Cashed Out Before It Got Too Late” knowing that the star was in her final moments of being in the spotlight. The woman had something special when she first came onto the scene “Just Dance” but she became this monster in the process and nothing has ever been the same.

Shell of a former star

Gaga’s current venture is a Jazz album with Tony Bennett who is a great musician but working with the likes of Gaga should be beneath him. Gaga couldn’t be bothered to release a song with Cher so had it blocked in the process. The woman reeks of bad taste and good thing the song didn’t come out (officially)…because Gaga does not deserve the honour to work with a legend like Cher.

Amazon 99cent deals, giving out free concert tickets, attacking managers/record labels, attacking Madonna…it is all desperation. The woman needs to realise it doesn’t hurt to get more education on Pop!

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