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‘Lila And Eve’ Movie Review

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Lila and Eve movie Review

Jennifer Lopez who plays Eve; a ruthless mother seeking revenge has released her new thriller movie titled ‘Lila and Eve’ and follows two grieving mothers as they come to terms with the death of their children. The children are murdered by gangsters who control the ghetto hood by selling drugs and killing people to reclaim their turf. (Beware of spoilers below)

The movie is generally based around Viola Davis who plays a convincing angry mother named Lila. Eve meets Lila at a local group community meeting for mothers whose children have been murdered. At the meeting they discuss coming to terms with the death of their children and learning to cope with the after effects of the tragedy.

Lila and Eve Review

Eve decides she is going to help Lila out after they become friends. Eve wants to help by tracking down the person responsible for the killing and seeking revenge as the local police department have zero leads. The police department seem to view the killings as ‘just another black person killed’.

Eve takes Lila on an emotional journey throughout the movie that involves following one of the drug dealers as he leaves the strip club in the hood.

The drama unfolds as Eve grips the revolver that Lila previously found in her child’s schoolbag and uses it for protection…as they approach a thug they followed to find a name – to get a lead. The thug made the simple mistake of trying to attack a ruthless Eve. So Eve has no choice but to fire the revolver that ends up killing the thug. Keep in mind that this is just the beginning as the story slowly unfolds.

Lila and Eve download

The acting throughout ‘Lila and Eve’ is outstanding and has a very well written storyline attached to it. The plot twist at the end is something not many people will see coming. For people who say that Jennifer Lopez cannot act? This is the same group of people that are troubled by her success as an all-round performer and solid actor.

‘Lila and Eve’ is a movie you do not want to miss out on. You can watch the trailer below!

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