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Sharia Judges Approve ISIS Killing Children

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ISIS Kill Children With Disabilities

In an outrageous move, the disgusting immoral Sharia Judges have given the stamp of approval for terrorist group ISIS to kill young children suffering from various birth illnesses such as Down’s syndrome and other types of disabilities. The illness known as Down’s syndrome results in the children looking traumatically different than regular children.

The Sharia Judges, one of them goes by ‘Abu Said Aljazrawi’ is implying that what Hitler did to people in Germany with Down’s syndrome or disabilities was acceptable. Now the judges approve ISIS who behead people for a living – to kill more innocent children.

It has been reported that ISIS is killing these children in the same way that they kill others who evade the extreme religion known as Islam. Bringing suffering down on others in the most painful ways known to mankind – such as beheading children and shooting them in wheelchairs is somehow deemed acceptable.

There has not been much done to prevent the ISIS terrorists or the judges, in terms of handing out stamps of approval to kill children with disabilities.

ISIS Kill Children With Disabilities

It isn’t like ISIS is going to follow the law anyway when they have their Jihad army inflicting pain and suffering onto everyone who doesn’t agree with them…including Christians.

In places like America and The United Kingdom many mothers love and cherish children with Down’s syndrome. They might think a lot slower than others but they’re still human beings like everyone else and don’t deserve to be shot in wheelchairs or beheaded in the middle of the street.

Someone with a brain needs to lay down the most extreme law on these ISIS Jihadists but our leaders seem to be too politically correct. Hitler rid the nation of children with disabilities and now ISIS is following in the same footstep.

Our leaders need to sort this out. It is bringing suffering to not just the children but the mothers who spend 9 months giving birth to these children…only to have them slaughtered by a terrorist group named ISIS!

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