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Sky Falls Down: Sky Q Expected To Flop

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sky Q Box

Will The Sky Fall Down – For The Murdoch Family?

James Murdoch, the son of media mogul Rupert Murdoch is probably regretting his decision to allow the launch of Sky Q as it is flopping all over the country like a fish out of water gasping for air  Many potential customers like the idea of the box having fluid viewing but all say things like ‘It’s way too expensive when everything is being viewed on demand’.

Sky allows you to record, but when you’re paying over the odds for one of the heavy subscription models. You can get Freeview+ boxes, one off payment and record what you like with expandable storage. So why would you pay for a subscription if you don’t watch the majority of the channels available?

The official Sky site says:

“Set-up costs for Sky Q will be from just £99”

When you think about it, you want the main package, not the watered down version. It feels as though the watered down Sky Q package is just there so they can market it as ‘cost effective’.Sky Q Sliver


In reality the main package can set you back over £300 including an engineer visit. You can easily guess what package is going to be pitched the most to customers.

In a promotional statement about Sky Q, Stephen Van Rooyen, who is Sky Chief Marketing said:

“We wanted to completely re-imagine TV, making it flexible and seamless across the screens in our lives. With Sky Q and Fluid Viewing that’s exactly what we’ve done – giving people the best TV tech on the market today, at a really accessible price. We think people will love it.”

You would have to argue with all the catch up services including iPlayer available across the internet at the touch of a button. There’s little reason to have Sky. The days of Sky being the dominate force are numbered.

x-files returning

Sky Q is still overpriced and one of the biggest programs in the past decade, The X-Files was bought and aired by Channel 5.

This means The X-Files could have been watched on Freeview without paying near £100 a month for a subscription.

Sky Q will have to produce better programming and secure the rights to the biggest shows in the next year, otherwise people will move to BT TV which is picking up grounds, but recently lost the rights to FOX which puts a massive blemish on what is a cost effective television package for a small family.

Sky Sports no longer has the rights to any of the European football matches that BT Sports is broadcasting. Will it flop? There are many reasons that upmarket technology such as Sky Q will only get you so far, unless you can back up the fancy technology with great exclusive programming.

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