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Sky Q UHD: All You Need To Know

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sky Q Box

All you need to know about the brand new Sky Q UHD boxes!

Sky is about to release their new Sky Q box in the first quarter of 2016 and it’s set to be a game changer. The new box is going to rival BT TV who became the first company in the UK to release a 4K enabled UHD Youview TV box to consumers.

It will be interesting to see how BT TV is able to rival SKY who have over 10million TV subscribers around the world. The new Sky Q box will have various features that will make it a surefire top seller in the years to come.

There will be 2 versions of the Sky Q box. The basic ‘Sky Q Box’ and the ‘Sky Q Sliver Box’. Both offer many features:

Sky Q basic:

  • You can record 3 channels, while watching a 4th live.
  • Has a massive 1TB hard drive…that can record 150 hours of UHD 4K programming.
  • Stream music content via Bluetooth.
  • Acts as a wi-fi hotspot.

Sky Q Sliver:

  • You can record 4 channels, while watching a 5th live.
  • Has a massive 2TB hard drive…350hrs of UHD 4K programming.
  • Stream music content via Bluetooth.
  • Acts as a wi-fi hotspot.

In essence Sky Q Sliver allows you to save double the content as Sky Q basic.

The whole navigation interface will be drastically improved this time around to look simpler and modern. This interface will roll-out when Sky Q is released. You will also be able to download amazing UHD 4K programming straight to the Sky Q box over the internet.

sky q app

There will be new dedicated channels broadcast in 4K and this will push more people into upgrading to the latest box, to receive the maximum output resolution of 3840 pixels × 2160 pixels.

The major selling point will be the new powerline technology enabled broadband hub. This will turn every wall socket in the house into a broadband enabled connection port. So the SKY Q box won’t need a 30 feet wire trailing around the house, unlike the BT TV Youview box. The Youview box needs a seperate broadband extender or a 30 feet wire to be connected to the internet.

Sky Q Hub

There is no announced selling price for the Sky Q boxes but rest be sured they’ll come in handy for a lot of people. Besides if you’re already a Sky TV customer, you probably have a high priced bill every month.

So customers who are used to paying a lot each month, will be Sky’s target audience, when introducing the new boxes.

If Sky Q takes off – we might be saying goodbye to BT TV as it has 1% of the viewing channels Sky can offer.

A. If you want a cheaper service? Then BT TV is best B. If you want content and quality? Then Sky Q is easily the way forward.

That’s all you need to know about SKY Q rolled up into one simple article.


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