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‘The Boss’ Review Staring Melissa McCarthy

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The Boss staring Melissa McCarthy gets reviewed!

The Boss stars the seriously over the top Melissa McCarthy as the leading main character who has her life destroyed by dealing in insider trading to make a quick buck.

Yes, the movie is a cheap trill comedy flick.

The Boss opens with Melissa McCarthy giving a motivational, pro-active TED Talk style speech in an area of about 15 thousand people. After this the movie takes a serious nose dive.

The villain in the movie is no other than Game of Thrones star and midget Peter Dinklage who displays his worst acting to date. The evil villain has Melissa McCarthy arrested, by exposing her insider trading. She spends 5 months in an open style prison for the rich and wealthy of the world.


Throughout The Boss, you wonder if the movie should have had auditable laughing dubbed over the movie as a lot of the scenes are not funny. Should I be laughing?

The Boss tries to be serious but then goes crazy and has a bunch of girls scouts beating each other up in the street, turf war style. Some of the girl scouts receive headlocks, kicks, punches by other girls with cars bowing up in the background.

All of a sudden the movie goes back to serious mode with Melissa McCarthy sleeping on her former assistant’s couch, as the former tycoon is broke as hell.

It’s quite apparent that all the funny scenes are in the movies official trailer.1d770670-d987-0133-e1be-0e82a5619f43

Halfway through The Boss, it’s clear that no one cared how bad the movie was and instead did it for a FAT PAYCHECK. The movie could be summed up as a bad Saturday Night Live sketch that went on way too long.

The Boss is a movie that needs an urgent review as it’s rubbish and is a total flop on Melissa McCarthy’s resume.

A decent budget can’t save a badly written movie or a badly acted one, at best. Everyone working on The Boss lost the will to care after the movies first 5 minutes and it’s unsalvageable. An unwatchable heap of junk that deserves to burn in the PITS OF HELL, FOREVER!

1/10 – Totally unwatchable unless you find humor in paint drying! 

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