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The F.B.I Are Watching you!

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Have you ever went down the street or emptied your rubbish bin and felt a tingling sensation of somebody watching you? You don’t want to look behind you in-case you’re wrong and get that awful stir or because you decide not to draw attention to the matter. Everyone has their own reason for this.

It can be scary noticing for example on a Wednesday at 7am the rubbish isn’t being picked up or that the usual crew that day look strangely different than the previous month. This is because the feds are taking your dirty filthy trash and going through it in a lab. They want to find something on you – anything, it doesn’t matter. Their job is to protect the government at all costs and that’s why they came into existence.

You think that iPhone isn’t recording? Think again! NSA can at the click of a button go in and listen to all your live conversations (like a bug). A good idea is to leave these modern phones at home all-day because the GPS will not show a current location. A better solution in this case would be to use throwaway phones (the ancient ones) which can be changed every few days so that no real profile can be built up. It is good to play loud noise from a TV or radio as you talk so that if you have bugs planted, they can’t generate a picture perfect sound of your conversation.


It doesn’t matter if you’re a regular person. Perhaps someone has heard a conversation and during that you spoke negatively against your government. This is all it takes to have a surveillance team parked down the road from your house watching your every move. You might be laughing now…but all this is serious. It happens to everyday folk for the most pathetic reasons.

If you drive sometimes then this is all fun and games to them. They’ll stalk you with around the clock surveillance outside work far enough not to be too obvious. They’ll sit in the car eating donuts and drinking coffee all day while taking pictures and recording video of you. This is the best way to lose the game if it looks like you exchanged an item, even if that was a t-shirt in a parcel. They’d spin the story against you.

Do not miscalculate how hard these cronies will go to get evidence against you. Perhaps it’s fabricated or even stretches the truth to its limits; this would not be a problem. There is a saying ‘Who is the master? Who is the slave?’ and it holds true for our entire lifespan. You need to start taking control of the situation, being alert and thinking outside the box.



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