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The Sims Gone Wrong Gitches!

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the sims having a poop

Sims Gone Wrong is a Tumblr dedicated to everything messed up within The Sims universe

There are weird glitches that will have you scratching your head. You might go down the path of thinking it’s mods galore but it’s all accidental and hilarious in the process. How did the developers allow these glitches to make it into the game?

The Sims usually takes half a decade to be released and that means there is a lot of time to smooth out all the bugs, you’d think.

The cover photo shows a woman making her own fertiliser in a pot. Only something a farm animal would do. You wonder how a glitch in The Sims could mistake a pot plant for a toilet?

the sims giant baby glitch

Then there is the giant baby glitch. A mother goes to check on her baby because it refuses to lay down and ‘go the f**k to sleep’. So instead of finding her child moaning and crying, the baby has mutated into a giant with spaghetti legs. Freaky!

the sims cloned sim

Just visiting the bus stop with your sims after a long day of doing nothing. What could happen? Well instead of getting the bus to the park, because your too lazy to walk. Your sim has cloned 20 times for no reason. Is The Sims universe trying to send you a message?

the sims stuck head

The sim is just walking back to the house after a dip in the pool to find his head is broken and glitches into itself. What’s even more weird is the sim having a different texture on the head than the rest of the body.

the sims glitch

Just washing the dishes and my head is trying to eat itself. Ah! How could that be? The head glitch looks like something from an Alien movie. Actually, I feel like watching Alien now after seeing a human head come off and try to eat itself!

the sims 5

What are you doing? My head is up here, not down at my pu**y In this glitch the sim does his exercise through the body of the other sim. Breaking through the entire bone structure without dyeing.

The glitches are fun and there are a lot more images on ‘Sims Gone Wrong’ Tumblr page. The Sims 5 is just a few cycles away and will be fun to see the thousands of glitches that come from the release.

Visit Sims Gone Wrong on Tumblr to see more!

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