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The Women’s Feminist March A.K.A. The Walking Dead March

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The Walking Dead March! The Women’s March kicked off and a lot of stressed out women are mad.

None of these so-called feminist women actually know why they’re angry or what the cause of the feminist march actually is about. And a lot of misinformed brain-dead women are protesting because they want to feel part of a group and feel like society cares about them.

A lot of women are being paid to take part in this. It is great branding for the elites who don’t wanna see Donald Trump as a 45th President of the United States. Get used to it ladies. Donald Trump is your president and will bring jobs back so some of you can get off benefits and actually live a great life.

On Donald Trump’s inauguration day, reportedly some of the women in the feminist march may have been beating other women up, leaving them bleeding and unable to attend the inauguration speech by closing down entry points into it. The gang ‘black lives matter’ also run after some women and people trying to reach work and left them bloody and bruised. (As seen on many online videos)

This is why Donald Trump was elected as a 45th President of the United States. No longer will we have people walking around the streets beating people up because they can’t handle that the evil Hillary Clinton lost in a landslide.

I’d love to get a feminist opinion on why they’re protesting, without the corporate branding. This is basically lots of nametags being thrown around. This isn’t a rational answer. It’s how bullies answer because they actually don’t know what the protest is actually about.

It’s a sad sight to see the corporate branding and celebrities like Madonna and Cher taking part in such a violent protest, because they got their backside spanked on election night when the Republicans won the White House.

The walking dead march known as The feminist march is simply a propaganda tool to put pressure on the new administration, creating millions of jobs and bringing the economy back. Sure, Donald Trump’s locker room talk was disgraceful, but is nothing compared to Obama and Hillary bombing the Middle East into dust.

Feminist ladies, actually research what you are protesting about. It’s great to have a country like America, that has freedom of speech.

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