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Twitter Trends #CancelWWENetwork Over Roman Reigns

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WWE has been a train wreck with the terrible booking by the creative team throughout the past year. It then comes down to the 2nd biggest event in WWE the Royal Rumble being branded “a flop” by almost all of the WWE Universe on Twitter with the hash tag #CancelWWENetwork trending number 1 worldwide.

The up-and-coming Roman Reigns won the 30 man Royal Rumble match and his relative The Rock came out at the end. Held Roman Reigns hands in the air while every audience member in the arena *booed* them out of the building.

There is a lot of logic behind the fans being upset by the train wreck booking. It’s the fact Roman Reigns is unable to cut a promo and when he does, he sounds like Robocop reading a script that’s usually botched…then his wresting is pretty awful. Roman can hardly wrestle and has a ‘power man’ approach but lacks any character and his quite green in the ring.

the rock royal rumble 2015

Now there are various reports that a live WWE RAW will be cancelled tonight due to a snow storm near the arena. This can only be good for WWE as the entire 3 hours of rubbish would have been booed constantly by fans in the arena.

It will be interesting to see if #CancelWWENetwork has any effect on the company as the WWE Network has been flopping worldwide. If fans don’t renew subs for the WWE Network…and it’s a high percentage, then the WWE would be in ‘red alert’ almost instantly.

It’s a strange dynamic for WWE to overcome considering fans are furious with Vince McMahon, for allowing Roman Reigns to win the Royal Rumble.

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