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What Is ‘FAKE NEWS’?

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What is fake news? The media has been talking about fake news a lot recently – for a very scary reason!

Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States and his cronies have come up with the term fake news to discredit people who they disagree with. Alarmingly a lot of media personalities who aren’t ‘alt left’ have been name and shamed with the new brand word ‘fake news’.

Anyone who is alt right and disagrees with the propaganda being pumped out is automatically called fake news. Just remember this – fake news used to be labeled with the term ‘conspiracy theory’ but that word didn’t really create a big impact.

A lot of major news organisations such as CNN have constantly been pumping out propaganda and fake news throughout Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. As long as the news is ‘alt left’ then it’s automatically ‘truthful news’ even though the ‘alt left’ had constantly been pumping out fake news with fake sources that didn’t exist – to discredit the truth media.

Facebook and Twitter are actively beginning to crack down on truth media because the snowflakes who lost the election didn’t get the result they wanted.

Honestly if Hillary Clinton won the election the ‘alt left’ wouldn’t even be having this conversation. The fake news narrative is disgraceful, as the people branding other people fake news…They are in actual fact pumping out fake news from every direction…to discredit the truth.

In a world where the news is dictated by small gang of large organisations within the media…Is a very scary situation.

Whenever you hear the word “FAKE NEWS” just ignore it because it’s simply a tool that even the North Korean’s have used to tell their version and only their version of events.

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