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What Is The #YouTubeIsOverParty?

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#YoutubeIsOverParty has been trending on Twitter and a lot people are fuming because the YouTube AdSense policy has changed and this is damaging to a lot of YouTubers.

In essence, the AdSense video policy has been updated to reflect new rules for advertising on YouTube videos. What many assumed would not become banned; is now banned. YouTubers will not be able to generate revenue, if they don’t follow the rules of the new AdSense video policy.

A lot of YouTubers will be forced to clean up their channels, if they want to continue to receive advertising revenue.

The #YoutubeIsOverParty? Out with the old and in with the new. This is the new YouTube party and you better get used to it.

There have been rumours floating around for years that have indirectly implied the government may want to censor the internet. To keep a lid on what people in society say against the establishment.

Imagine this…You can no longer swear in YouTube videos or use extreme levels of language. As this will no longer be acceptable and the new YouTube AdSense policy makes this completely clear.

How will many famous YouTubers such as iJustine, PewDiePie, Pewdie and TheFineBros handle the new policy changes?

People believe Google do not want to pay out the money, as much as before and advertisers are becoming stricter in what content they’ll advertise on. Therefore, Google has caved into the pressure, to stay in competition with the juggernaut Facebook, in-terms of advertising revenue.

For now, it is up to YouTubers to apply the policy to any new videos, if they want to generate revenue. There is still the theory that the new YouTube policy will nuke most YouTubers.

What is your opinion of the new YouTube policy? Do you agree with the changes or do you think the YouTube party is over?

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