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What Red Bull Flavoured Drink Is Best?

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red bull flavours

There are many varieties of Red Bull but what is the best flavour?

If you enjoy the original taste of Red Bull then you’ve probably tried at least one of the new flavours. The cans look better and more colourful to reflect the different flavoured tastes. Good marketing we’d say.

So have you wondered if the flavoured Red Bull cans offer the same high caffeine content as the original? Well good news is that they indeed do offer the same kick…so you won’t be disappointed.

So we have the 3 flavours on offer in most supermarkets – for our taste review:

Red Bull: Tropical Fruits edition

  • This tastes like a tropical fruit drink like the label says. So you get the mix of different sunny tastes inside one Red Bull can. The Tropical Fruits flavour offers the most diversity and is good when you’re dehydrating on a sunny or even winter day. As a bonus it goes well mixed with some whisky or vodka!

Red Bull: Blueberry edition

  • Not very appealing from the first taste and isn’t stocked in a great deal of supermarkets. Has a horrible aftertaste to it and doesn’t taste anything like Red Bull, even though it offers similar ingredients. The Blueberry taste is not mixable with other alcoholic drinks and unless you’re desperate? This Blueberry Red Bull isn’t for you.

Red Bull: Cranberry edition

  • The drink is great on its own and offers a strong Cranberry taste. So if you aren’t a fan of the original Red Bull – then you can’t go wrong with this fantastic edition to the Red Bull family. The drink is best drank over an hour’s period to maximise the high caffeine effect. As well many celebrities are constantly seen with a Cranberry Red Bull in their possession.

The best flavoured Red Bull irresistibly points towards the versatile Red Bull: Tropical Fruits edition. It can easily be mixed with a lot of alcoholic drinks without destroying the taste. Just make sure to use ice cubs – if you’re going to mix it up.

Red Bull Tropical Fruits edition

It’s expected that sales for the Red Bull: Blueberry edition have to be extremely poor paralleled to the other intense flavours. I’ve personally seen many supermarkets stocked full of Red Bull: Blueberry cans and unsurprisingly out of stock on the 2 other flavours. The Tropical Fruits edition is always selling out like hot cakes on a sunny day!

Therefore if you like to spice up your life with new indulging flavours like you do with a Starbucks flavoured latte every morning. Then you can’t go wrong with the Tropical Fruits edition. It’s clearly the best of the bunch and the caffeine will have your eyes wide open – partying all night long!

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