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Why Should I Upgrade To Windows 10 Before July 29th?

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Why should I upgrade my computer to Windows 10?

As you already know by now, if you’re on an older version of Windows such as Windows 8.1 or the highly popular Windows 7. You have probably experienced the horrific pop up screen that urges you to upgrade your system to the free Windows 10 operating system before the Microsoft offer ends.

The pop up that Microsoft implemented to try encourage the remaining people to upgrade – before users must pay for Windows 10 is causing heaps of problems. One user even took out a 10,000-dollar lawsuit because – well being harassed with advertisements is simply uncool.

Remember this date. July 29th 2016

This date will be the very last day that Microsoft will allow you to upgrade to Windows 10 for free. After that, you’ll have to part with your hard earned cash in order to be on the latest platform. Eventually support will end for previous versions of Windows, just like we’ve seen with Windows XP.


Anyone who has upgraded to the latest operating system and rolled back will not receive the annoying pop up from Microsoft desperately urging users to make the switch…like it’s a life and death situation.

Basically the prompt will appear over your entire screen in total full screen mode with the message

Sorry to interrupt

You’re able to turn off the prompt completely, notify 3 more times or simply do what the prompt says and…UPGRADE!

In August, Microsoft will officially release the new service pack for Windows 10 for free to anyone currently with the latest operating system.

If you’re a hardcore gamer and the latest version of Direct X is your thing. Then it might be worth jumping ship before it becomes costly. There is really nothing to lose, as you can roll back within the 30-day period from installation.

The price for Windows 10 after the cut-off date, July 29th will cost you a whopping 119 dollars. The clock is ticking to make up your mind.

Will you upgrade to Windows 10 for free before July 29th or stay on your current operating system?

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